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The World Is Round: Sabina Goes




This sculpture contemplates dying—not death, but the passage from life into death.


The video players are like lily pads on a lake or like pools that we gaze into. All of the videos are shot either looking down or looking up. The heavy cords emphasize the object status of the machines as sculpture, rather than as picture containers. The videos have been edited so that they all spin in the frame in an attempt to overcome the “cinema rectangle”—an inherited limitation from the Western-European picture format that tyrannizes moving image makers. This whirling motion is further echoed by the spiral staircase of the architecture that contains it.

Credits: Haiku by Stephanie Barber, animation by Jon Lee. Audio compositions by A.J. McClenon; John Cage (Living Room Music 1940: words from Gertrude Stein’s The World Is Round, performed by Gert Sorensen and Ars Nova Copenhagen, directed by Tamás Vetö); Badmarsh and Shri. Including a video work by Sabina Ott from 2011, Hope Is a Thing with Feathers. All other footage by Dana Berman Duff, except the whirlpool: shot by whirlpoolhitman.

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