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Group Show Sculptures


1994, sawdust/Elmer's glue. Made for the "Playing House" show at Nathalie Karg Gallery with Polly Apfelbaum, Dana Duff, Sharon Garbe, Julia Kidd, Marilyn Minter, Holly Morse, Susan Silas, Sue Williams. Each of the artists was given a blank dollhouse to work with. Having little interest in the domestic, I sawed the dollhouse into sawdust and reconstituted it as a full-sized pig—of exactly the same cubic volume.

Root-headed Guys (from Breugel)

1998, bronze 4" x 3" For show "Against Nature" Art Center Pasadena

In 1559 the Flemish artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder painted the panel Netherlandish Proverbs including on it literal illustrations of more than a hundred Dutch language proverbs.
Many of these proverbs focus on the absurdity of much of our human behavior and Bruegel's renditions reinforce this interpretation portraying a world literally turned upside down. At the same time some of the more serious proverbs illustrate the dangers of folly, which leads to sin.



1988, Lamp parts, Vick's Vaporub, flame

Milford Gallery. Lending a sickroom odor to the gallery in a group show on the theme of AIDS.


1989, Elizabeth MacDonald Gallery, New York

Resin, roses, glycerin, alabaster

Clown head with inverted vase-shaped cavity, filled with glycerin and a bouquet of roses.

Wood Pile

1997, 14" x 12" x 27" - wood, latex dental dam, pebbles. In "Splice,” Side Street Projects, Los Angeles

Invited to use a dental dam as part of an artwork.

Train Wreck

1997, Cardboard and card table with paint. In the "The Box," curated by Sabina Ott at Marsha Mateyka Gallery, Washington D.C.


1995 in "A Vital Matrix" at Domestic Setting Gallery, mixed media


1994, mixed media in "Flow"curated by Sabina Ott at Cerritos College


1987, 40" x 30", smoke on movie screen with constructed wood frame. For "Notations on the Virtual" Loughelton Gallery, NYC

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