A collaborative project with S.E.Barnet for the Arctic Circle ship sailing in fall 2021. We propose to broadcast out onto the tundra an original song to the lost creature of Mary Shelley's novel, Frankenstein, a song of apology begging the forgiveness of the creature who was rejected and reviled by his creator, hence distorting him into a monster. In the book the creature was last seen in the Arctic, jumping from a ship and disappearing onto the ice floes, threatening suicide.

Yet, it has been noted that the creature is intelligent, ingenious, and charming and might not be genuine in his final expression. He is expert at survival and could very well still be at large in the Arctic...

Composition by Alan Berman, Lyrics by Barnet and Duff, performed by the choral collective, C3LA.

Of course, the creature here is a metaphor the pain and destruction of the natural world now in climate collapse as a result of human greed and hubris, which is most evident in the changes in the polar regions with the shrinking of ice coverage.

Artist and scientist led, The Arctic Circle is an annual expeditionary residency program.