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Super 8  2001, Storage Gallery Santa Monica

"Projector", Tent poles and coated fabric.

An exhibition in 2001 at Storage Gallery in Santa Monica, titled “Super 8.” 

I’d been teaching Super 8 filmmaking as well as sculpture for several years and decided that I wanted to make a sculpture that was as portable as my films were, without the storage issues of sculpture.

The object is titled "Projector,”made of tent poles and coated fabric. It’s the approximate size and shape of a Super 8 projector including the cone of projection and the screen. I constructed it out of old tent parts I altered, and sewed the "projection" from reflective cloth. The whole construction breaks down and fits into a supermarket bag = a completely portable sculpture.

Drawings below appeared in the Super 8 show along with the “projector.”

A few months earlier I had been invited to a bullfight in Mexico and I brought my Super 8 and video cameras. I’d never seen a bullfight and found it unbearable, so I kept a camera between my face and the spectacle at all times. Once home, I couldn’t bring myself to project the film, so put the film on a light table and painted a few of the frames in which nothing is happening.

Also included in the show were three drawings of other films made of my iguana, Otto.

"S-8 Bullfight x 302" watercolor, 11" x 16"

"S-8 Bullfight x 666" watercolor, 20" x 30"

"S-8 Bullfight x 122" watercolor, 8" x 10"

"S-8-Otto x 53"pencil, 20" x 30"

"S-8 Otto" pencil, 20" x 30"

"S-8 Puppet Hand"pencil, 20" x 30"

Drawings of photographs of Michael Asher's Installation (1970) at Pomona College, 2001, 20" x 30" watercolor and charcoal on paper

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