Catalogue Vol.6 (2016, 11:30, B&W, sound, 16mm film on digital scan)
The sixth film in the Catalogue series. Catalogue is a suite of 16mm black-and-white films and videos that consider the time it takes to look at desirable objects presented in a catalogue of knock-off home furnishings photographed in staged rooms imitating the style of film noir. Each film takes one volume of the 13-volume mail order catalogue as its subject.

Catalogue Vol.6 was shot with audio clips from a horror movie that mention the words "house" or particular rooms, or "upstairs" etc. playing in the studio so that each shot acquired a random diegetic "soundtrack". Then the film clips were organized as a "tour" through the rooms of a house: foyer, living room, dining room, kitchen, study, bathroom, and ending with the bedroom. 16mm film on digital scan.