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Catalogue Vol.3 (2017, 02:47, color, sound, digital) was made using the RH "Small Spaces" volume of the 2014 catalogue with an Arne Jacobsen 1955 Series 7 chair as protagonist. This is a a computer-generated rendering of the original chair, which was the inspiration for the knock-off version in the catalogue.

Since this chair design is ubiquitous in the realm of knock-off furniture, one imagines that these offspring will be among the last remaining objects at the end of the world, popping up everywhere—perhaps the most successful object in history.

The sound has two recordings: a slab of beech tree played on a turntable by Bartholomaus Traubeck and a rendition of Henry Cowell’s “Quartet Romantique” played by Jim Gable.


Crossroads Film Festival, San Francisco Cinematheque

Alchemy Film Festival, Harwick, Scotland

aDifferent Festival, Milwaukee

Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles

REDCAT, Los Angeles

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