Installation views of "Because the Night"(2009), curated by Sabina Ott, Chapman College, Orange CA and "High Strangeness" (2009) curated by Donald Krieger at Eagle Rock Arts.


Odor di Femina Bottles

The "Odor di Femina" sculptures ponder the mysteries of inner space. Inspired by a Twilight Zone episode seen at age seven and mis-remembered for twenty-five years (where a woman's head ends up in a jar) the original "Odor di Femina" bowls from 1989 were assembled with cast-off stuff from street sellers and junk shops, and with common liquids, like corn oil and transmission fluid. They are not constructed according to any themes; instead, the viewer may discern convergences and emerging narratives that are mostly random (indeed the artist's subconscious desire may participate with the viewer's). They were interpreted through theories of the body, specifically Julia Kristeva's writings about abjection. For me, these interiors include both the body and mind.

I constructed a new series of bowls in 2009 at the invitation of artist and curator Sabina Ott.