Catalogue Vol. 7

The first Catalogue is a 16mm film of 7 minutes in duration; the piece included in the "Concrete Plastic" show is a 7-hour video of the same film lasting the duration of the gallery day. It is not slow-motion nor is it the 7-minute film looping; it is a full 7-hour movie, each of the 32 shots lasting 13 minutes 34 seconds. The shots should last longer than an average viewer will be willing to wait for another picture to appear, so for individual viewers the film will mimic a single photograph, except that the surface of the picture will be moving—the grain of the film itself is moving, not the objects in the picture. It is a truly a "moving picture." The entirety of the film will only exist in the combined memories of 32 viewers.

Presented in the gallery WC is the original version of one of the objects imitated in the catalogue and appearing in the film, an Arne Jacobsen 1955 Series 7 chair, along with a new RH catalogue for a visitor's private perusal of indeterminate duration.