24 f.p.s. Is Present Future Past

When thinking about Annie's topic of "Divination" I was drawn most strongly to two concepts that seemed to seat themselves across the table from one another. My first interest was in the human desire to know the future, something that I can relate to with shifting urgency over my lifetime, and which people of all cultures and times have seemed to share in common. My other interest was in the actual labor of seeing the future. Fortune-telling seems to be a largely female occupation, from the time of the Greek oracles and Roman sibyls up to the present day "live-chat" fortune-telling websites. I was most interested here in the storefront psychic who tells the future to make a living. According to the readers I went to in researching this project, fortune-telling seems to be an occupation almost totally of women, with a clientele that is also primarily female. I asked "Maja" at the House of Intuition to do a Tarot reading for my future work for this project. The gist of what the cards told her was that I was to take the role of the oracle myself. In essence, I was to sit on both sides of the table as the seeker and the seer. The cards also indicated that I should use wands, and we took that to indicate the yarrow sticks of the I Ching.

The 16mm film Garden and Chairs (2012), as could be said of much of my work, presents images of the chaotic disruption of familiar things—or one could say, images of uncertainty and flux. Moving image forms implicitly involve the experience of time, and I felt it important in talking about divination to include this element. A challenge for this project was how to work with time without moving images. So I chose to pull out a sequence of frames from a recent 16mm film, which would create relationships across space, and add to it a story, which would take the viewer time to read as well a create the experience of time in another space. The story also introduces the labor of the diviner and the passing on of skills over the span of generations, though the future remains uncertain.

Note: The first and third frames can be interchangeable and repeating.